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"We broke the code, now we are sharing the wealth."

Are You Ready To Unleash
Your Inner Rich Girl?

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Do you need help with structuring and organizing your business, to help scale and get funding?

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Do you have an idea that you want to turn into reality, but need guidance and resources?

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Are you ready to quit your 9-5 and begin living and not just existing? 

We're all about helping you level up.
Rich Girl Code has the tools, resources, and products that can help you become the success you were born to be.  

Your life can change and your business can elevate once you properly prepare them for success.



Rich Girl Code is a guide that was developed to help women unleash their inner Rich Girl. A guide that unlocks the mystery of building a wealth portfolio that taps into the secrets of establishing generational wealth and sustainability from the ground up



Rich Girl Code Board Game. A game developed to help women learn, earn, and grow. A game that focuses on teamwork, business development. wealth building and more.  A custom one-of-a-kind board game that was developed for women, by women, to learn, earn and grow..



Your network equals your net worth By becoming a member of Rich Girl Code you are giving yourself and your business the advantage it needs to succeed. Our network provides all the resources, tools, and strategies needed to help you elevate in business and in life. An extension of the top-tier network She's Got Her OWN.


Angela W.

Rich Girl Code has provided so many resources for both my business and personal life. The workbooks have helped me build and sustain my business, on top of building a life I love to live.

Cynthia L.

 I'm so thankful for all the wisdom, resources, and tools that you provide to us on a consistent basis. It feels good knowing that I have a business bestie I can turn to when I think of Rich Girl Code. 

Jackie J.

Your book Rich Girl Code was the book I needed to get going. I've since bought a few of your workbooks and digital products and I must admit, you ladies know how to keep a sister up to date and organized. My business is thriving and I've finally began manifesting the life I've always wanted to live. 

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